Welcome to Dallas Farmers Market’s Neighborhood Pizzeria

BellaTrino’s is driven by the desire to provide the definitive Pizza Napoletana experience. We believe in treating our guests, co-workers and vendors with integrity, respect and love. We follow the same process that has been used for over 200 years in the pizzerias of Naples Italy, using a simple, authentic process and a wood burning oven. BellaTrino’s is committed to creating rustic Neapolitan-inspired pizza using ingredients sourced from both Naples, Italy and from small, local producers. We use the finest imported ingredients and century old artisan traditions to bring the definitive Neapolitan pizza experience to our guests.

BellaTrino’s is now located in the Market building of the historic Dallas Farmers Market, which for the last 75 plus years has grown with the city and turned into a hub for farm-fresh vegetables, dairy and more. Today, it stands as a symbol of Dallas’ commitment to the health and nutrition of the people who call this city home. BellaTrino’s is proud to be a part of the new development of the Farmers Market district, which has become a catalyst for development for shops, restaurants, urban living and other businesses in the area.