Back in our hunter-gatherer days, humans had no choice but to venture out into the wilderness to hunt for their own food. If you wanted a hamburger for dinner, you had to load up your bow and arrow in hopes that the hunting gods were on your side. Luckily, today, ordering food can be done with the simple push of a button from your cell phone, computer screen, or tablet.

Among the most popular foods being delivered in the United States, pizza remains the king. According to recent studies, over one billion pizzas are delivered to households every year—now that’s a lot of pie!

While there’s some dispute over whether pizza was truly invented in Naples, the Italian delicacy certainly gained its popularity in the seaside town. Since pizza is cheap and easy to prepare, pizza became the food of choice for people living on a limited budget. When Italy eventually unified and was established as a kingdom, foods that were once confined to small towns were now being spread across Italy. Naples pizza, however, wasn’t very popular outside of the city limits until the Italian King and Queen visited Naples in 1889.

Legend has it that the Queen had grown tired of eating fancy, French-inspired meals. During one of her nights in Naples, she requested local faire to keep her taste buds happy. At the time, one of Naples’ most well-known pizza chefs, Raffaele Esposito, was summoned to bring the Queen a tasty meal. Esposito worked hard with his wife to create three pizzas that the Queen would love. For one of the pizzas, Esposito decided to use ingredients that mimicked the color of the Italian flag. These ingredients were white mozzarella, green basil, and fresh red tomatoes (this pizza is now known as the margherita pizza). The moment his pizzas were finished cooking, Esposito rushed the pizzas to the Queen, resulting in the very first pizza delivery in history!

When the Queen took one bite of the Neapolitan pizza, she declared it as one of the best meals she had ever eaten. A few days later, Esposito received a letter from the Head of Table Service of the Queen’s household, which read something like: “Most Esteemed Raffaele Esposito, I confirm to you that the three kinds of pizza you prepared for Her Majesty were found to be delicious.”

Esposito was smitten by the letter from the Queen’s quarters, and as a result, he decided to name the pizza after the queen!

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